The Dark Goddess

The Dark Mother

The Dark Feminine

The Dark Side

She has no face but can show you yours.

She has no voice but can make yours heard.


Hated Chance

I hate the fact that you are somewhere happy and giggling and here I am writing my heart sadly singing,

I hate the fact that you wanted to see me writing all day everyday, and here I am scribbling alone today,

I hate the fact that you are visiting places and buying things alone, and here I am loving the solitude all along,

I hate the fact that you were so stubborn, and here I am wondering why I have to carry this heartburn all alone,

I wish I had never met you but I would have hated the god more if I was never given a chance to love you.

Why couldn’t we just stay?

I wish I was more flexible when I decided to leave you but what if I never left you?
You thought I cheated and I thought you wanted a break, nobody told us to just stay,

I wish You were more understanding when I decided to take a break but what if I never broke up?
You thought I was leaving and I thought you were cheating, nobody told us to just stay,

I wish you remembered the long walks by the beach and the silence of the nights, but what if you wanted to forget?
You thought I forgot and I thought you never remembered, nobody told us to just stay,

I wish I could get back what I lost in you but what if you don’t want to be found?
You thought I lost you and I thought you lost me,

But nobody told us to just stay and find each other in between!


Mistakes. Something we all are hardwired to do.

I think I love making mistakes. I often ask myself a question- “Would it make any difference if I was never mistaken?” My brain responds-“No. Never making a mistake is the biggest mistake you can ever make in your life.”
Life’s biggest lessons come from being uncertain. In fact, uncertainty is the biggest gift humans are blessed with because it gives plenty of room for making mistakes and learning from them. You can never learn without making a single mistake ever. Even God made a few mistakes. I guess that is why we were made in the god’s image. God made us like this so we can understand that a mistake is not about its consequences or punishments but like a flower blooming in all of its splendor with the first rays of the sun of realization falling upon it.
Imagine all those moments when you realized your mistakes. Think about how that realization felt. It was almost like a power switch turned on. Right? The ‘Oh and Ahh moment’. It feels so light like a weight has been lifted off your chest. I think that moment is the pure bliss. Bliss doesn’t come from always being right. Bliss is felt upon the realization of your mistakes. The Honest Mistakes.

A mistake is a deed performed without any pre-thought intensions or calculated plannings though your plans may contain some unknown flaws and shortcomings without your awareness. You can safely call mistakes occurring in your life as a reminder from the soul. A reminder that you are young and still have a lot to learn. So does that mean with old age, our mistakes will reduce? I think not. Age is just biological and mental. You, a soul, never age and deep down you know this fact all the time. The mind refuses to believe so. Your mind is so attached to the body that it forgets its true nature when it sees the biological soul-suit ( physical body) aging and getting weaker every year. Your mind gets caught up in the race to feel younger from the outside. That is when the soul reminds the mind from within about its immortality. It reminds the mind that it is young, strong and full of energy by committing mistakes. Mistakes that shouldn’t have happened. Mistakes that were too obvious and still you made them. The soul reminds the mind continuously of the fact it just requires to learn new things. We are constantly in a state of learning and that is why we make mistakes. To learn.
So never think that there is something wrong with you if your life seems to be a big pile of mistakes. Instead, see that pile as the lessons you either have learned or are yet to learn.

Taking up the responsibility for your mistakes leads to their acknowledgment which makes way for your Realization and ultimately THE BLISS.


In the darkness is the light sprouted,
In the darkness is the sound of birth echoed,
In the darkness is the thought born,
Then why, O’ Men do ye worship the light?

In the darkness is the good created,
In the darkness is your worst lesson written,
In the darkness is your future resting in peace,
Then why, O’Men do ye worship the light?

In the darkness is your worst fear hiding,
In the darkness is your greatest strength kept safe,
In the darkness is your true character formed,
Then why, O’ Men do ye worship the light?

You call darkness as the bringer of death but the greatest sorrow lies in the light of life and brightest peace lies in the darkness of death,

Darkness is the mother of light and ye humans are the father…!