In the darkness is the light sprouted,
In the darkness is the sound of birth echoed,
In the darkness is the thought born,
Then why, O’ Men do ye worship the light?

In the darkness is the good created,
In the darkness is your worst lesson written,
In the darkness is your future resting in peace,
Then why, O’Men do ye worship the light?

In the darkness is your worst fear hiding,
In the darkness is your greatest strength kept safe,
In the darkness is your true character formed,
Then why, O’ Men do ye worship the light?

You call darkness as the bringer of death but the greatest sorrow lies in the light of life and brightest peace lies in the darkness of death,

Darkness is the mother of light and ye humans are the father…!

Voices and Vision.

Hearing their voices, I started dreaming

Dreaming about those lands, long forgotten

Such a view was that field, golden hues with ripened crops laiden,

I was now walking among the sacred lands of the ancient,

Such was the scene that my body started trembling

A voice soft as golden shimmering honey woke me up from my dream, she smiled 

And I had to cover my face as a sand storm in the desert we were stuck, was approaching…

She asked me what did I dream about? I told her about the next quest of our journey was without a bout!

Attitude Aka The Vibration.

Just when you are about to quit, Don’t! Breathe and think about it- Is your Attitude towards your desires correct? Let us see why 🙂

Each of us has encountered atleast once in our lives, the things that seem too hard to get. It could be a dream job, a car, that guy/girl you have an eye on or simply anything. It will seem that the chase is too hard and almost impossible. I am sure you have worked hard and done every bit to get it, To make it a part of your life. You have sweat with sleep less nights and faced criticism of the highest level.

And yet, it appears that destiny has changed plans. Right? We all have faced and been through such a phase of life. Or maybe many of us are going through it right now, right at this moment while reading this.

Question is did you leave the chase? Did you accept it as the command of your destiny or continued with the chase?

Well, am sure many of you did just that. You continued with the chase for another mile but poof! The thing is gone. Disappointment! Another lot of you must have just quit all the way. While others must have really got their hands on it.

So what’s the damn point?

Yes. The point is for all those who have faced disappointments, quit their chase or didn’t even start in the first place.

The moment you decide to stop longing for that thing is the moment you just shut that heart and mind of yours and think with another perspective. A perspective that you are going to read right now.

It is neither about quitting and waiting nor about getting disheartened, it is about a strategy. A strategy that we all play for getting that thing.

But Did you ever think about changing your strategy? Did you?

The only thing that you lack is the attitude. Change your attitude. That’s the only strategy my friend. Your attitude towards everything determines their attitude towards you. Attitude is how you think, act and behave. It is the visible representative of your vibration. I find no wrong in calling your vibration as your attitude. The reason behind the disappointments and your nature of quiting is your attitude towards the world. Your perspective towards things. If you have an attitude to accept that there is an inherent lack around you then you are obviously going to get hurt until you learn that universe is abundant. Literally abundant!!

Just as you carry an attitude, a vibration, so do the things you desire. Now why I say that your attitude towards everything determines their attitude for you because you get those things in life with which your attitude/vibration resonates. If you think that there is a lack in the world and that maybe the last best thing then you are wrong my friend. That is not the last best thing for sure. Universe made sure that everything was the supreme and best. It makes sure you get the best but only if you carry an attitude for it!!!

You read it well. You deserve the best out there. Best that is best for you not for pleasing others.  It would be so best of it that it will make you say it aloud yourself – I HAVE GOT THE BEST BECAUSE I AM THE BEST!

That’s how your attitude rolls… And that’s how you keep the best for you to keep rolling towards you.

Your positive thoughts, joyous feelings and constant self motivation is a sure sign that you and your desire match totally and thus nothing can stop you from getting it.

Learn to gauge your feelings for those things that you think you really want. Your emotions and feelings are indicators if you are walking on the path to getting what you desire!

Consciousness (Part 1).

The first in the series ‘Consciousness’ where I will be sharing my 10 years of experience in metaphysical, spiritual and occult realms of mind. Feel free to shoot questions or maybe simply ‘Talk’ ?

The universe is grand and it’s grandiose is expressed by the energy that creates you, me and even the sand in the deserts. We are the energetic beings that perceive our vibrations as flesh and blood. Everything around us that is visible is energy vibrating beautifully, expressing itself in shape and color. All the forms of energy- heat, cold, electricity, magnetism, atomic, solar; all are different expressions of one energy.

Where we lack is the knowledge that we are limited by shape (dimensions). Our objective reality determines our rate of vibration and thus we experience world as we choose to. Yes, it is not wrong to say that we create our own realities because how we vibrate determines how the world around us looks like. Some people can find rains as messy while for another it is the most beautiful gift of nature. Why? Because both are vibrating at a different rate and hence experience things accordingly different.

Each object around us has a specific vibration just like us and yet we are connected to each of them. It is like an ocean where waters from different sources enters and become one with each other inside the envelope of that ocean. Similarly, everything around us living or animate vibrates at a different rate and yet connected.  Where does this bring us?

The fact that despite of differences we are connected empowers us to affect each and everything around us. The same way everything around us has the power to affect us. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual design is totally dependent not only on us but the world around us as well. Now here comes the play of consciousness.

Consciousness is nothing magical or unearthly as it has been made popular these days. Consciousness is simply the awareness. Awareness of the fact that not only are you an energy like  everything else but the fact that we all are connected too. Awareness can be physical, mental, or emotional. When you are fully aware at all levels, only then it becomes what we know as spiritual awareness.

Practice the art of becoming aware of yourself and the world around you. For that is the way you really become the creator of your destiny. 

Kill Me Again…

When the old love began to haunt, I found my sanctuary- Words.

For quite a long time I have been trying to run away from what I was feeling. A feeling that seemed to take away my sleep, my energy and to be honest myself. I always thought I was a stone at heart. The heart that I always ignored because I thought it will never serve my purpose. But I was a fool to think like that, for in my later years, I realized it is the heart that keeps you alive. It was my heart that kept me alive, And It will be my heart that will keep me alive.

I never wanted to fall in love because I thought it is for weak. Little did I know that the light I thought was darkness approached me nevertheless. I never realised when did I fall for her but it was true. I never knew we would fall apart and once again I became a stone at heart.

Many a winters and moons did go, many a lonely nights with howls and crying roars. I found myself seeking love again though hurt and bruised and pained. The first time was a pure and thoughtless affair, only now was it filled with lies, deceit and words unfair.

I was not sure in the beginning nor in the midway, but I resolved to myself I will walk through it till the end. I thought she loved me too because I was blinded with a faith. A faith that love is pure and bliss and will surely come my way. I guess I was wrong for she left me. The love left me again. 

This time a stone I did not become. I think they say truth when calling love a drug, for I am left in its unspeakable wrath and dismay. I crave for love once again only to be not sure if love will stay with me forever or kill me again?

Or kill me again….

Journey Is Not The End.

The poet doesn’t write, it’s poem that writes itself. The traveller doesn’t walk, it’s the journey that travels!

I was walking on the sand,

sands of time.

Listening to the song of winds,

Winds of change.

I was looking at the oceans,

Oceans of bygone past.

Drenched in sweat,

Sweat of my fears.

I was breathing a sweet fragrance,

Fragrance of love.

Awaiting the one true love,

Love that will complete me.

I was touching the blue sky,

Skies of impossible aspirations.

Loosing all the baggage,

Baggage of self doubt.

I was preparing to travel the space,

Space forming my freedom.

Salvation was not the end but a journey,

A journey that will never end.