The Dark Goddess.

This #art piece is an amalgamation of an A4 size sheet, black oil pastel, needle of a decade old compass and a #thought!
It was drawn a couple of years back, I guess in 2014, when I was half heartedly preparing for some #examinations immediately after officially becoming a Mechanical #Engineer.

The thought as I mentioned above is actually a figment of my visions that I often see when in one of those #contemplation mode. On one of those usual time passing days, as I was sitting marveling at my love for #darkness, I saw this figure of a girl whom I assumed to be a form of some dark goddess. Although I couldn’t see her face or listen to her voice but I instantly began experiencing a wave of lust and longing to possess this figure.
Therefore, I decided to bring her out of my subconscious and into the paper so I could possess this mystically beautiful dark goddess forever!

Ps- #eroticart

‚ÄčTIME/ MONEY- As we know it or as they taught us?

Today am going to give my readers a sneak peak into a thought that I have been trying to solve inside my head since morning. I was travelling by the subway and was struck by it then and there when I checked for time to see if am getting late for my job.

Are we the slaves of time and money or have we created ourselves these two vicious masters to rule upon us?

Do we really have to walk by the path these two create for us in the infinite sea of life?

Do we really understand the true nature of time? Or are we just left with the idea that we have no time to think about time?

Although it may seem to be a question of philosophical cum economic domain but who cares? I am the one dragged along by this monster singing  his punchline continuously in my ear- “time is money and money is time, You are going to die without a dime!”

Like seriously? Do we really need to live all our lives worrying about the time left and money earned?

Well, I tell you this idea of existence of time was the seed that was planted (much like Inception) in our minds first as a psychological construct and what followed after that is our grand history and sad present. I know after reading this you will probably wonder about the interference of some unearthly beings or alien invaders who in order to subjugate humans did this heinous act but no that is not my intent. It could however be the scenario but as of now am going to rule it out. 

To understand how the idea of time must have originated we must put ourselves into the shoes of our cavemen ancestors who used to marvel at the sight of sun in the morning and moon in the evening. Now spare a minute and wonder what it would have been like. You wake up hungry and walked out of your cave in search of food only to find that it is dark outside and there is only a feeble light shining in the sky which is probably not enough to see your way into the forest. You can’t locate animals to kill, you can’t figure out the fruits or roots and so you just sit down to think what to do. Now, you had just devised a plan for your hunt that suddenly there comes a bright light in the sky, brighter than before and suddenly you can see everything!

You hunt and eat and sleep only to wake up again in the dark and those events occur again. After a few days of such repetition and considering your cavemen like crude thinking, you will conclude that it is best to arrange for food before that bright yellow light goes out rendering you blind. This is where the concept of ‘Urgency’ must have taken its first form and this feeling of urgency to gather food before it gets blind (Dark) evolved into ‘Time’. It is from here you started dividing the two sunrises into segments that you called as ‘hours’ or ‘minutes’. Of course am not getting into etymological roots of these words but I hope you get the idea?

Now since this marvelous development of time was taking place with evolution of our cavemen ancestors into a civilization, they thought that since ‘nature’ binds us with her trickery of light and dark rendering us helpless, so we shall too imitate her in the society as well. This light and dark or ‘concept of time’ was a strong idea to keep men within families and care for their lives in the dark from dangerous animals, so it was given a physical shape or form of ‘money’/ ‘currency’.

Those men who tried to imitate nature for controlling the newly developed civilization introduced the artificial urgency of ‘money’. Though am not entirely against the idea of time but it is this artificial imitation that has so gripped us and our lives that we have got out of touch with nature. It was the fear for life and lack of skills to hunt in the dark that made them wait for the Sunrise but this fear was easily overcome in the times to come and there are tribes even today that can hunt in the night as skillfully as in the day!

So the fear of time was also not necessary but yet it continues till today.  The beauty of mother nature lies in the fact that she gave us a chance to overcome our FEAR of time  and thus live our lives, explore the world and learn at ease but does this artificial imitation of time in the form of ‘concept of money’ allows us to break through it?

Can you actually breakdown this fear of having no money?

All of the spiritual systems were actually philosophical cum psychological methods to transcend not the Time but the fear of it and those who tried to break it indeed developed new paths and philosophies with success. 

But do we have anything to break the fear of money? 

Think about it and let me know in the comments ūüôā 

Rise friends Rise for it is time to break this imitation and be one with mother nature!

A Warrior!

A short self account.

‚ÄčHe is impatient and rebellious, a fighter and a warrior,

He is weak but he wears it as his armor,

Artillery lies in his brain, his thoughts and his emotional disdain…

Maybe you won’t like his rough and haughty feast,
But unless you have the guts to tame a wild beast,

You are just a beauty in the hands of a yeast…
He is broke, no money and no vision for the future,

But he is a warrior willing to kill to save your dreams from the vulture,

But unless you are a queen to handle such a sword,

Your sweet voice is but a lifeless word…
He may not wait on you for he is a survivor,

So girl are you ready to catch a breath and run

’cause if you got him he is a king in the making,

Though right now he is all but a worn out burning warrior

Surviving on the taste of his burnt flesh and the blood that has thickened

On the edges of his wounds like a fighter…

But never forget

He is a survivor…

He is a warrior!

— Kartikeya Awasthi